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SallyJo Hoaglund
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    Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Weimshadow puppy.   We've done our very best to breed puppies
with excellent health, stable temperaments and all the qualities that make a versatile Weimaraner.  We've socialized the puppies so that they will confidently adjust to whatever changes life presents and we've provided
the veterinary care they have needed.
    We stand by each of our dogs for its entire lifetime.  If for any reason an owner can no longer keep the puppy/dog they purchased, that dog will always be welcome to come back to us.  We do not allow them to be sent to other homes unless we have pre-approved such a move.  We will either keep or re-home any pup we produce.
    This questionaire helps me decide which pups should go to which homes.  Please complete it as thoroughly as possible, then click "Submit".  Answers are required for all fields.

Why do you especially want to own a well-bred Weimaraner puppy? 
Do you have a sex preference for a puppy?
What pets do you currently have?
What pets have you had in the past five years?  What happened to them?
How many adults live in your household and what hours are they at home?
How many children are in the household and what are their ages?
Please describe the area in which you live (city, suburban, rural).
Do you live in
Do you have a fenced yard?
If yes, how high is the fence?  What material is it made of?
Where will the puppy stay during the day?
At night?
During family vacations?
What activities do you plan to enjoy with your Weimaraner?  Please check all that apply.
If you are interested in a show puppy, who will show the puppy?
If you are not interested in showing your puppy, are you willing to spay/neuter the pup at about 15 months of age?
Are you willing to crate train your puppy?
attend Puppy Obedience classes with your puppy?
attend Novice (Basic) Obedience classes with your dog?
field train your puppy for pointing/retrieving work?
Please provide the name and phone number of your veterinarian.
In the space below, please provide any other information you think would be valuablel to me in chosing a puppy for your home.